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Welcome to CDLC Productions

Creating & Producing Great Music

 Creating the perfect music for all projects - large or small.

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Check out our music library

Welcome to our track listings. As a young and hungry company, we're growing and developing our library all the time. This is simply the start - we're currently recording more original material so if you don't hear what you're searching for, please contact us direct to discuss your requirements or check back for updates. Thanks!

Looking for something different?

We got you. From classical to hip hop to indie, our audio library contains nothing but bespoke, original outstanding tracks. But if you don't hear what you're looking for, our expert and experienced musicians with create a unique track that's perfect for your requirements.


Our music is your music

Welcome to Clem De La Clem, a collective of professional musicians who share a genuine passion for music.


Our name is inspired by our wonderful four-legged friend, a loveable English Bull Terrier - Clem, who embodies the characteristics we capture in our music: powerful, playfulness, strength, intelligence, and


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