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January 05, 2024


Clem De La Clem launch new music site for licensed, commercial downloads


Responding to the huge demand for homegrown, inspirational licensed music for commercial use, the founders of new download library 'Clem De La Clem' look forward to an exciting few month of promotion and business growth.


October 12, 2023


Seed funding and investment helps Clem De La Clem expand

As commercial demand increases, Clem De La Clem fi=ounding partners are they're busy negotiating new backing deals to secure growth for the commercial future of the business.


November 27, 2023


New artists add fuel to rapid growth of the North West's leading music download library 

Clem De La Clem add to their commercial library list in a projected growth burst that sees more artists and tracks inflate an already successful financial quarter for the fledgling business.


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